New Zealand Wild Rabbit Eco-Couture 

A high end New Zealand and internationally focussed bespoke fashion brand combining ethically sourced and produced global fabrics with New Zealand wild rabbit eco-fur. The primary line is a selection of premium winter coats and jackets, complemented by lower price point accessories. The mission is to provide best quality coats made from premium winter rabbit pelts, exquisite globally sourced fabrics and top quality linings and notions.  Produce an initial collection of coats worthy of showcasing to a discerning potential client base. Develop a made to measure bespoke service both location based and on-line. Foster a boutique business developing the potential of NZ wild rabbit fur as a complement to NZ possum fur and as a viable alternative to international cage farmed fur. Source best quality textiles from around the world - traditional, cultural, ethically produced, promoting time honoured textile traditions worthy of modern interpretation. Jane Avery is an ex-television journalist, independent television producer and event producer. Her storytelling, communication and production skills combine with the confidence and savvy to tell the Lapin story to the world. Utilising Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to it’s potential is key to communicating the existence of Lapin as a new brand with a story to tell to the world. Acknowledging and actioning the need for outside expertise in “working” Social Media to best effect. Posts showcasing finished garments. Posts revealing work in progress and production process. Posts informing about NZ wild rabbit fur as an eco-fur and ethical choice.  Unique, Innovative, Approachable, Elegant While standing out from the crowd, Lapin coats and accessories are elegant and approachable and make a statement about classic, stylish dressing Virtually no one else is inhabiting the NZ Wild Rabbit Fur space with high end garments The combination of fur and fabric panels is a fresh and distinctive design expression Cotton/Wool internal batting/insulation matches the weight and warmth of the fur. A new and exciting eco-fur product from New Zealand. Quality - exclusive combinations of fur and fabric in high end winter coats. Hand made in New Zealand with the assistance of an experienced and acclaimed Dunedin based furrier.  Location - studio space in Dunedin - a growth region of New Zealand for both international visitors and wealthy residents both Kiwi and ex-pat. Expertise - a new design talent with a specific and unique vision combined with a career spanning personal experience in the production, marketing, promotion and distribution of television programmes and events.