The process of ReVintaging can create an excellent 'new life' for your precious vintage furs and I welcome hearing from you to discuss the possibilities for reworking your fur so you can enjoy it in a new and improved form. 

If they’ve ridden out the years well, old fur coats can be fully remodelled into updated styles. You might consider having your nana’s old coat reworked with fabric into a personalised Lapin concept or transformed into a lovely couch throw or cushion(s). Some vintage fur coats can be reborn as accessories. Some might just be in need of new lining and a few repairs. It all depends on the condition of your vintage piece and your vision for it. 

Chances are, because fur is so durable, it will emerge from the back of your closet in fairly good condition. If not, then there are multiple options for giving some, if not all of it, continued use. 

ReVintaging is sustainable fashion in action and as a seamstress/furrier it makes absolute sense to bring pre-loved pieces into a new age. 

You can start the ReVintage process via the enquiries page or with the contact details below.  

Prices begin at $120+GST for cushions and $400+GST for throws. Refurbishing and remodeling and incorporating your furs into a Lapin design are quoted individually. 

I am also skilled and equipped to make your tanned possum skins into decor items, or indeed garments.  


Jane Avery


Studio - 130 Lower Stuart St

Dunedin, New Zealand

+64 27 300 7090