I commissioned Lapin to design a bespoke coat for me as I was spending family Christmas in Glasgow. My trip also involved Berlin, London, Paris, Chamonix, Zurich and Arosa. It’s fair to say it was tested in some pretty extreme Northern-Hemisphere winter conditions. The coat was incredibly warm, with a black rabbit fur back panel and cashmere/wool composition. It was effortlessly stylish and also practical for train travel. Many people admired it and asked where it had come from, including some specialty boutiques in Paris and Berlin. These were genuine compliments and deserved ones because I’m sure you can imagine how gorgeous some of the coats in those two cities are! I feel really grateful to Jane at Lapin for such personalised service and beautiful design with exquisite tailoring.  

- Cathie Davis, Wanaka, NZ

I love my coat and shall treasure wearing it. It was much admired by friends at the orchestra. I lost count of the number of compilments I received and many asked where I had got it. A man even wanted it! I felt wonderful wearing it and it has taken on a real life of its own. I am excited to have it in my wardrobe although it is very much on display.  

- Christine Ogilvy, Dunedin, NZ